The color green is equated with peace and tranquility. And meals are not complete unless they convey delight and satisfaction. Let your mood heighten with the sense of fulfillment in its earthy ceramic texture. This elegant touch to your tablescape will add nothing but class to your meals.

Our aim is to serve customers with the best range of products in terms of quality and international aesthetics. With constant innovation and cutting edge technology, we make sure superior quality products with European Standards reaches your household.

Our Bonafide breakfast set includes 5 pcs:
Big Breakfast cup-12 cms
big size bowl-15cms
medium size bowl-12cms
big size tray-21cms
medium size tray-18cms

Ideal for serving at your house parties as well as gifting purposes, serve your meal at any time of the day and let your presentation speak your taste.
The big cup is perfect for serving soup / coffee / tea / rasam /shorba etc.
The platters are perfect for serving snacks or any of your experimental dish look even more amazing. The bowls to serve all dry and gravy dishes are perfect size and one serve appetite friendly.

The design and the texture in itself is so earthy and calming that it can make any meal soulful with its feel.

This elegant touch to your tablescape will add nothing but class to your important meals

Set = 5 pcs :

  • 1 Breakfast cup big 
  • 1 tray big
  • 1 tray medium  
  • 1 bowl big
  • 1 bowl medium

Material : Ceramic

Big Tray : 21 cm

Medium Tray : 18 cm"

Big Bowl : 15 cm

Medium Bowl : 12 cm

Big breakfast Cup : 12 cm