The very sight of a lovely glass set can put a smile on the face of most people. The collection is Ombre toned giving the tablescape a traditional and classy look. Sit back and relax on your get togethers and enjoy beverage and pour in tranquility by serving juice / water / soda or drinks to revitalize and energize oneself.

The collection comes in two kinds of glasses short whiskey and long cocktail/ water glass. Use them for various purpose and make your drink serving experience enchanting.

The surface of the glasses is wonderfully glazed and make an appealing sight for the eyes.

The neutral hues of the set make it suitable for being paired up with any snack plates. The gradual transition from smoke to the gold of our Tonal Glasses and the impeccable quality surely are attention seekers.

They are bound to pause, hold and admire 'What you serve and In What you serve"